Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of waste sorting machines since 1998. This machine is designed based on principle of the reducing the volume, turning the waste to treasure. Using a variety of selection machine, we could get organic, plastic, metal, brick, stone, etc.

Solid Waste Sorting Machine

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Sorting Machine

MSW sorting machine is mainly for urban and industrial solid waste, because the unit adopts the first domestic garbage sorting line

Household Waste Sorting Plant

Household waste sorting machine has the ability to deal with the rubbishes like plastic waste, food industry waste, green waste and others.

Waste-to-Energy Sorting

The waste-to-Energy sorting plant is to extract valuable commodities out of the waste stream and make the residue for efficient conversion

Green Waste Sorting

Green waste includes all food items, yard waste, sanitary products, kitty litter, meat tray liners as well as any other soiled item that would contaminate the recyclables.

Material Sorting Machine

plastic waste sorting machine

The plastic waste sorting machine can separates the big plastic, whose diameter is bigger than 400 mm, and the separation rate can up to 99%

waste paper sorting machine

The aim of waste paper sorting system is harmless, non-residual, resource recycling, and industrialization for waste paper, the raw materials…

Waste Glass Sorting Machine

Waste glass sorting machines are mainly used to separate waste glass, acrylic glass and laminated glass from the waste glass stream

E Waste Sorting Equipment

E waste consists of computers, televisions, monitors, laptops, cell phones, DVD players, etc. E waste has a variety of valuable metals and minerals to be recovered.